your partner in the Levant

Who we are

Daniele Imbimbo

Founding Partner | Coordinator

M.A. in History and Geopolitics.
Extensive knowledge of Foreign Policy & International Relations between the E.U., Turkey and the Middle Eastern Countries.
More than 10 years of business experience on the field.
Our Vision

A safe harbour for your business in the Levant.

Our Mission

We facilitate foreign companies' entrance into the Mediterranean and Middle East markets, thanks to our range of services, specifically designed on the Client's needs and targets.

One key for many doors: our network of International Business Development professionals

MEDITERRANEO H.T.I. is able to deploy its operations in the E.U., Turkey, Iran, and the Eastern Arab Countries, providing consul­tancy services on business development, administration, fiscal and legal issues and assisting its Clients in commercial, industrial and partnership projects with local and international operators. Thanks to our background, we are particularly well placed in Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, and the U.A.E, and we keep widening and strengthening our network in new Countries.

What we provide

Business Development

Our professionals will help you identify the best business opportunities in your target market and build the most appropriate relationships in your area of interest.
We provide our Clients with:

  • Market research
  • Assessment of opportunities
  • Partner scouting
  • Road-to-Market
  • CRM & Trading services
  • On-site Project Management
  • M&A and extraordinary operations

We take care of your interests in the area, support you in establishing and managing a local branch/company, provide visibility and promotion to your products, handle translations and local data search:

  • Local investment assessment
  • Incorporation and start-up of operations
  • Translation services
  • HR & Team building
  • Law&Tax consultancy
  • Representative Office
  • Temporary management

Our professional network is able to provide additional services tailored on our Client's needs, ranging from advisory on corporate transactions to confidential relation-building.
As an example we can provide assistance for:

  • Application to public tenders
  • PPP Projects
  • Lobbying in private and public sectors
  • Business in sensitive and strategic fields
  • Commodities trade

How we work

Why should you hire us?

Connected: if your need is getting to the right relationships, upon approaching a new market within a region featuring heightened socioeconomic and political complexity, we hold the best ready-to-use networks and team-building capacity.

Flexible: we are able to shape and coordinate sophisticated brand-new operative professional networks for specific Country / task / project, being able to pursue the Client's objectives under different operative and contractual models.

Trustworthy: we are reliable and secure, we value confidentiality, and above all we love our profession.

We work with the best professionals available

Our partners network extends from specialized business developers, law and fiscal audit firms, to sector professionals with expertise in several industrial, commercial and technical areas. We always choose the best people to work with in terms of knowledge, experience, reliability and relationships established in our areas of interest. Through our own contact network we are able to reach and build high-level relationships up to local government agencies and officials.

Moreover we possess the ability to create new partnerships ad hoc for our Clients' particular projects, business goals or different Countries of interest, retaining the capacity to build and coordinate the best teams locally available.

Get in touch with us

How to reach us
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Registered Office
Ă–meravni Mahallesi,
Haci Izzet Pasa Sokak, 2/5
34427 Beyoglu / Istanbul
How to meet us

We meet our Clients exclusively on appointment, at your own office or in selected meeting spaces in the best suitable locations for both parties. In case of difficulties in logistics, we can easily arrange a skype meeting for a first contact.